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  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Gently exfoliates dead skin cell
  • Helps the body in ridding itself of toxins
  • Increases circulation and energy
  • Smooths dimples
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How it works?

This stone contains more than forty kinds of  trace elements and minerals, and more than twenty kinds of anti-aging elements, such as nickel (Ni)、manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn) elements which are beneficial and necessary for human beings and that promote healing and have anti-aging properties.

  • The thermal conductivity of the stone eliminates poisons in the body and reduces unnecessary fats.
  • It also produces negative ions, best known to help with antioxidation (anti-aging) in human cells and DNA.

Studies have shown the properties of Bian Stone can help stimulate the circulation of blood, relax muscles, joints, and aid in anti-oxidation in human cells.

  • Improving microcirculation, blood flow and oxygen to skin cells
  • Produces negative ions which can help balance mood, stress + sleep
  • Detoxifies + rejuvenates skin and underlying tissues

The results include detoxifying, depuffing, softening fine lines + wrinkles, sculpting muscles, brightening skin tone, releasing tension and improving the overall health of the skin. With consistent use (combined with a healthy lifestyle) stone Gua Sha creates significant and long-term transformation in the skin and overall sense of wellness.


  • Activate your lymph nodes
  • Do the first pass to your heart with flat side
  • Do the second-fourth pass to the major lymphatic area of each meridian with the flat side
  • Do the fifth pass on with the combed edge to the major lymphatic area of each meridian with the combed side.


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Nourish your mind, body, and soul

And will help improve the appearance of dimpled skin and help create those long, lean, beautiful lines in the muscle, and flush toxins from the body.

Reduce Swelling

Provides an easy way to move inflammation and reduce that puffiness in your body and be the best version of yourself TODAY

Enhance Skin Appearance

Smooths dimples and improves skin appearance. Enhances skin elasticity and tightening.

Sculpt Muscles

Combined with a healthy lifestyle the Stone Body Gua Sha creates significant and long-term transformation in your muscles

Rejuvenate Circulation

Boost blood circulation and oxygen flow resulting in rejuvenated circulation providing various health benefits


  • Bian stone containing up to 40 trace minerals
  • The thermal conductivity of the stone eliminates poisons in the body
  • Promotes Anti-aging by producing negative ions
  • Hand-designed not to slip or break your nails.
  • 3 distinct edges to meet the unique curves of your body.


  • Remove water retention
  • Fight infection by moving toxins out of the body
  • Promote the natal drainage of the lymph
  • Increase the flow of circulation

what makes us special?

The DIAMANDIA Detox Kit offers superior comfort and quality compared to other brands. Its comfortable size, ergonomic hold, high-quality material, non-slip design, and hygienic properties make it the ideal choice for a satisfying skincare experience.



Full Body Gua Sha
Ergonomic Hold
Made From Bian Stone

Can't live without this, now that i found it!


This is just what I was looking for to help with inflammation/detoxing and overall toning of my body. It is beautifully designed, fits easily in your hand and is the perfect match with dry brushing. If you are on the fence, BUY THIS! You won't regret it. LOVE IT!!

Ashley K. on Mar 19, 2023

Verified Buyer

utterly. obsessed.


Every edge of this gua sha tool is perfection. From head to toe, it's truly one tool to do it all. It's comfirtable to hold, easy to control, has the perfect contour for anywhere - face, arms, side body, legs - and covers enough surface area on every pass that it's wildly efficient. Finally. Finally! A full-body gua sha routine you actually can make into a routine. This tool is the ultimate.

Gabrielle S. on Mar 18, 2023

Verified Buyer

Great for sore muscles and circulation


I work out 4 days a week and figure skate as a copy for the other 3 days. So far this has been extremely useful for working out muscle soreness and inflammation. Because it has both smooth sides and a combed side it has been instrumental in breaking up my sticky fascia tissue which helps muscles to function more optimally. The scrub brush is also great as it helps bring cicrulation to the skin as well as helps to rid of all the excess dead skin cells. This is of course is fantastic since we are moving closer to short seasons.

Keonia R. on Mar 13, 2023

Verified Buyer

A must have!!


absolutely love this item- from the packaging to the size, shape, material- the attention to detail distinguishes it from any other product I've used. In a short period of time I saw massive results :)

Melikka K. on Mar 13, 2023

Verified Buyer

Amazing tool!


This body stone is the best! Other ones are way to small but this one is the perfect size and contour to effectively get all the unique parts of the body for the best benefits.

Jenn M. on Mar 13, 2023

Verified Buyer

A must have tool!


This stone gua sha is the perfect full body tool and a must have. What an amazing difference it makes in the inflammation in your body. Amazing for post workout use!

Nicole Bender on Mar 18, 2023

Verified Buyer

The perfect full body gua sha

Noticed a lifting on their skin after the treatment

Said it helped to achieve a smoother, more toned appearance

Praised the increase in their overall wellness

* Results according to clinical/consumer studies. For more information refer to each product page.


Our Bian Stone Body Gua Sha embodies the elements of a traditional facial Gua Sha and a lymphatic drainage paddle. Using our stone regularly will help reduce visible puffiness, and enhance skin appearance.

Our hand-made design is inclusive of all body type and offers 3 distinct edges to meet the unique curves of your body. The handle was specifically created for best hold and grip to be able to enhance and get into all areas of the body. Designed for that person who is “doing it all”, our Body Gua Sha is accessible just about anywhere.

Looking your best shouldn’t start at the beauty counter or doctors office. Radiant skin can be attained naturally, by ridding the body of unwanted fluids and toxins that live beneath the skin’s surface. DIAMANDIA was created for everyone to look and feel their best, promoting natural beauty from the inside out.

  • Quality

    Each product has been created and designed with intention of how to optimize the body as a whole. From how you hold the product to the angle of the stone on your skin. Each element has been thought about with deep concern. How do we optimize our system for the best use possible.

  • All Sales Are Final

    Each stone is hand crafted to be made to ship per order.

    All sales are final.